'Agent' means One that acts or has the power or authority to act for or represent another.

''AML' means AML Global Limited and/or its subsidiary and/or associated companies, and its officers and agents as the case may be.

'Buyer's Aircraft' means aircraft owned, leased or operated by or on behalf of the Buyer

'Conditions' means the standard terms and conditions set out herein.

'Client' means the 'Buyer' or 'Buyer's' or Third Party

'Customer' means the 'Buyer' or 'Buyers' or Third Party

'Supplier' means the Seller and / or its subsidiary's and / or associated companies, and its officers and agents as the case may be.

'Service' means any services and/or goods arranged by AML in the capacity as agent as authorised by the Buyer.

'Charges' includes AML's agency fee. The agency fee are as agreed or amended from time to time as may be specifically agreed with between AML and the Customer.

Any and all services arranged by AML are subject to these conditions

AML acts at all times as Agent for and on behalf of the Client

No forbearance by AML to the Client in respect of any of these conditions shall be considered a waiver of any other condition herein

No waiver by AML of any breach by a Client of any condition shall operate as a waiver in respect of any subsequent breach of the same or any other condition

Unless previously agreed in writing with Customer, time shall not be of the essence to the provision of any service by AML

AML may sub-contract or delegate the provision of any Service to a Third Party

Customer is responsible for and shall pay the applicable Charges for any Service, in accordance with the due date as disbursed on AMLs or Sellers invoices

If any Charge shall not be paid when due, daily interest will be charged thereon from the date upon which the Charge first became due until payment thereof (calculated at a daily rate equivalent to 2% per 28 days)

AML may require a deposit of such amount, as it may consider appropriate in its absolute discretion to be lodged by Customer in respect of any Charges prior to AML arranging any Service

Payment of Charges shall be by telegraphic (or similar) bank transfer method in accordance with instructions provided to Customer by AML

All payments made by AML towards the Seller are on behalf of and as authorised by our client

All Charges are the responsibility of the Customer and are payable by Customer in full and without any right of set off (notwithstanding any counterclaim Customer may allege against AML) AML may set off any outstanding Charges against any deposit received from Customer

Fuel prices indicated are in USD/USG unless otherwise shown

Fuel prices are valid as indicated by the 'Effective Date' and are subject to change due to local currency variations and without notification from our suppliers. Both price and validity are correct as known to AML Global at the time of quotation but may change anytime, without prior notice, due to but not limited to, market variation, currency rate valuation, variation in fuel density during winters, unpredictable change in supply (NOTAM) or any other factors beyond our direct control. Some airports charge a nominal operation-specific charge such as low uplift fee, out of hours fee, over-wing refuelling fee etc. which is unique and will apply if the airport deems its application necessary. AML Global, as the buyer's agent, is obliged to disburse these to the Client as well as any taxes as charged by the local authorities.

Any taxes, duties and fees are in addition depending on the type of operation. Any tax information provided to customers is based on the latest information provided by the Seller to AML Global. All taxes, duties and fee's are subject to change without notification.

Taxes and fees are subject to change in rate and application and additional taxes and fees (including but not limited to refinery surcharges) may become applicable to the purchase, delivery or receipt of fuel and related services without notice. The governmental registration status of the customer may impact the application of taxes and fees to any purchase. Any price quote that includes taxes and fees is only an estimate prepared for the customer and actual taxes and fees may be different based upon actual contracted prices and delivery facts and circumstances. Customer shall not rely upon the estimate of taxes or fees prepared automatically as part of a price quote and AML Global, including any affiliates, shall not be responsible for any reliance upon estimated quoted taxes and fees. The terms of the fuel arrangement agreement shall apply and supersede any tax and fee included in an automated online price quote.

If you are claiming exemption from certain taxes, duties and fees, it is the operator's sole responsibility to show the correct documentation (Air Operators Certificate, 80/20 declaration as applicable) to the fuel supplier (Seller) at the time of delivery. Any subsequent claim for exemption will be investigated by AML Global on behalf of the client, however, the outcome cannot be guaranteed and all taxes, duties and fees will be payable.

Charges are disbursed in accordance with the Sellers invoiced currency unless otherwise agreed by AML Global Limited at the time of arrangement.

Services arranged by AML are provided by a Third Party (Seller), it is therefore essential that you use the correct Into-plane agent as indicated on the fuel release / arrangement notification.

*According to EU Directive 2003/96/EC 'private pleasure-flying' shall mean the use of an aircraft by its owner or the natural or legal person who enjoys its use either through hire or through any other means, for other than commercial purposes and in particular other than for the carriage of passengers or goods or for the supply of services for consideration or for the purposes of public authorities.

Law and Jurisdiction

Customer and AML agree that this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the British Virgin Islands and both parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the British Virgin Islands.