Our Commitment

AML Global is committed to the aviation business in providing an unparalleled approach to value, customer service and financial efficiency.
Our supply relationships have been built on the fundamentals of business principles, in developing the most efficient and effective integration of system, process and financial transactions thus ensuring a sustainable and creditworthy partnership .
Customer Service Policy

AML Global Ltd, acting as agent on behalf of the Buyer, endeavours at all times to negotiate, arrange and secure competitive fuel pricing for our clients.

Fuel prices indicated are in USD/USG unless otherwise shown

Non-US Locations: Fuel prices indicated are base prices and any taxes, duties and fees are in addition and disbursed to the client as separate line items.

US Domestic Locations: Fuel prices indicated are inclusive of all taxes, duties and fees and together are disbursed to the Buyer

If you are claiming exemption from certain taxes, duties and fees, it is the operator's sole responsibility to show the correct documentation (Air Operators Certificate, 80/20 declaration as applicable) to the fuel supplier (Seller) at time of delivery. Any subsequent claim for exemption will be investigated by AML Global on behalf of our client, however, the outcome cannot be guaranteed and all taxes, duties and fees disbursed will be payable.

Fuel prices are effective as indicated and are subject to change without notification from the Seller.

Invoices, Disbursements and other charges are in accordance with the Sellers invoiced currency unless otherwise agreed by AML Global Limited at the time of arrangement

Services arranged by AML are provided by a Third Party (Seller), it is therefore essential that you use the correct Into-plane agent as indicated on the fuel release / arrangement notification.

AML Global seeks to provide the Buyer with the most competitive fuel prices available. However, whilst pricing detailed at time of arrangement are correct, the actual pricing may differ to that quoted as all fuel pricing, cutie, taxes and fees are subject to change without notification from the Seller.

Invoice Query Policy

AML Global will investigate any invoice query raised by our client, the Buyer, and where appropriate will endeavour to achieve a credit note from the Seller. Upon instruction, AML Global will request from the Seller and forward to the Buyer all appropriate records relating to the fuel uplift. Any credit received will be paid or credited back to the Buyer as soon as it is received from the Seller.

Notwithstanding any accounting queries raised, the Buyer is responsible to pay the presented charges according to the stated terms of business. Any credits received from the Seller will be promptly passed onto the Buyer account.

All charges are payable in full and without any right of offset.

Please direct any accounting queries or disputes to [email protected] within 7 days from invoice date. Otherwise, it is assumed by all parties that all charges are accepted and will be processed for payment within the Client's agreed terms.

For full terms and conditions, please visit http://www.amlglobal.net/home/legal

Cancellations and Refund Policy

After the Buyer has uplifted fuel any refund, cancellations or returns are not available.

For issues relating to Customer Service or Invoicing please contact: [email protected]