AML Global Information Disclosure and Privacy Policy

AML Global Group (AML) is committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations in jurisdictions in which it conducts business and also to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner and to protecting reasonable and legitimate privacy rights. This requires finding an appropriate balance with respect to the exchange of information with counterparties and how such information should be protected and for how long it should be retained.

In the first instance it is the policy of AML to only request, provide or retain the minimum necessary information to meet the needs of the contemplated or actual business being conducted.

If AML is requested by any counterparty to provide more information than it considers necessary according to the stated policy, AML will be pleased to consider and respond to a written request setting out the reason for any information request and how such information, if it is provided, will be handled.

Such request should set out why specific items of information are being requested and any relevant laws or regulations that relate to the collection of such information. It should set out with whom such information may be shared and how it will be protected from unintended disclosure.